We empower founders to thrive in the US market.

DART invests in early-stage Swiss and European teams working on breakthrough technologies that positively impact health and climate.

Our areas of focus

We put founders first.

Our 12-month tailored accelerator guides startups on strategy, culture, fundraising, and expansion to the US. Startups get experienced partners and their network, as part of their extended team.

We are mission driven.

We invest in founders working on solutions to fundamentally improve health and climate. We believe that combining purpose and profit leads to impact.


Consumer tech and health tech are converging. We invest in startups creating novel patient-centric hardware and software tools, that provide AI-enabled personalised, continuous and expanded access to care beyond the clinical setting.


We invest in companies reducing the impact on our planet. We invest in deep-tech, breakthrough, scientific solutions that drive decarbonisation, facilitate energy transition and reduce our global footprint.

Some facts about our portfolio




Diversity Factor



“I appreciate the DART team and everything they are doing for us. They introduced us to our first US VC and found us a very relevant US board member. I recommend them to every European founder who is looking for a fast-track in the US.”


CEO Impli