Our program


We invest in pre-seed and seed rounds, with reserves for follow-on investments. Our initial investments range from CHF 325,000 to CHF 500,000, depending on the stage and valuation of the startup. We aim for a 3-7% stake, this includes an in-kind portion for our accelerator between 0.5-1%.


In addition to our investment, we offer hands-on support to our portfolio companies. We work side-by-side with you to scale your business in Europe and the US, becoming an extension of your team. Our network and team can help you overcome any business-related challenges you may face as an early-stage entrepreneur. Our goal is not to give you advice, but rather to collaborate with you on execution.

Our areas of expertise

US Market Entry

We are your US team before you begin to build your own.

Define Strategy
We assist you in defining a roadmap, developing your go-to-market strategy and efficiently planning resources.

Find Key Players
You gain access to our network of key players in the US market while we conduct outreach to potential partners, clients or hires in your relevant industry.

Set-Up Shop
With our network of vetted providers (legal, regulatory, visa, tax), we accompany you in setting up your first US entity. Our offices at Pier 17 in San Francisco serve as your first home.


Build your financing roadmap and source the most suitable investors.

Define Strategy
Together, we will define your fundraising roadmap from timing to round size, and identify milestones and value inflection points.

Investor Outreach
Our team supports you in creating your story, pitch deck and all other materials for the fundraise. Together, we’ll identify the right investors for you and make warm introductions.

Negotiating Terms
We are your partner and sounding board when assembling the financing round and negotiating terms or responding to a M&A offer.

People & performance

Create a strong foundation, company culture, objectives and business operations.

OKRs & Performance Management
We work with your team to set goals and implement the right methodologies and tools for smooth sailing towards your north star.

Team Growth & Culture
From defining the appropriate profile, to going through the interview and selection process, to laying the groundwork for your startup’s culture – our team is by your side.

Negotiating Terms
We support you in setting up your startups operating system with lean processes and proven tools, templates, and databases.

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