Founder & Managing Partner.

The last part of my corporate journey brought me to San Francisco to scout trends, technologies, and startups for Swisscom, Switzerland’s largest Telco. While being fully immersed in the Silicon Valley ecosystem for several years, and meeting Sophie, I started to realize something about Switzerland and Europe as a whole. Our technological breakthroughs are amazing, potentially world-changing, but we struggle to fully capitalize on them.  

We created DART to bridge this gap and accelerate European talents who innovate and put people and planet first.  

My brain thrives on novelty, which makes me feel right at home in the startup world. I want to run an accelerator that feels like extra fuel boosting your engine, that works smarter, and more efficiently towards a big vision.

Sophie Lamparter

Managing Partner

Arijana Walcott

Managing Partner

Alexandra Wheeler

Venture Manager