Founder & Managing Partner.

Hi, I am Sophie. I am Swiss, and I have spent most of my career in San Francisco. At Switzerland’s innovation outpost, swissnex SF, I supported researchers, creatives and startups on their U.S. strategy. Instead of complaining that VC ‘s don’t invest enough in “tech for good” and diverse founders, Arijana and I created our accelerator and fund.  

My network and my persistence has brought me to where I am. It is what I cherish and share with our founders. I think fundraising is like dating, it’s all about finding the right match.  
I want to be the investor founders call with both their best and their worst news, someone they trust and they can count on. I love nature, art, design and a good looking pitch deck.

Sophie Lamparter

Managing Partner

Arijana Walcott

Managing Partner

Alexandra Wheeler

Venture Manager